We offer a choice of three payment plans depending on your requirements and budget.

Plan 1: Fixed hourly rate at £30 per hour

This is ideal for ad-hoc projects. No job is too small! 

A minimum charge of one hour applies. Time is tracked using an online tracker and rounded to the nearest 15 minutes so that you only pay for the time that we spend on your service.

Plan 2: monthly retainer at £25 per hour

This is ideal for ongoing services. 

You can choose the number of hours per month (minimum five hours) and the number of months you would like us to provide services for (minimum one month). If we find that more hours are required to provide the services requested, we will discuss with you before we commit the time so that you will never get an unexpected bill. A  minimum notice period of one month is required to terminate a contract.

Plan 3: project (price available on request)

This will be a set price depending on the project. Please contact us for more information.