Asha Bayliss

Founder of Oxonia Solutions

Asha has a passion to support small businesses and individuals in organising and streamlining their workload in order to put life and work back in balance.

Until recently she was a Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the University of Oxford. Prior to this she completed a Postdoc at the University of Bristol, and she obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge. While she is still actively publishing her work from her scientific career, she has decided that her skills and passions can be better utilised in the virtual assistance world.

Asha’s career to date has provided her with invaluable tools that she utilises everyday as a virtual assistant; project and time management, problem-solving, attention to detail and excellent communication, to name but a few. She loves to organise, and is naturally extremely self-motivated and efficient.

Asha also knows the importance of commitment and hard work to reach a goal. She is an ex-international gymnast, having represented Great Britain at several European and World Championships in a career that spanned over 18 years. During her studies in Cambridge, her focus turned to rowing where the importance of team work really shone through, and the commitment of the crew led to a double headship in the ‘Bumps’ races.

While Asha’s intense sporting days are over, she now has two young sons to keep her active. She prides herself in maintaining a work-life balance, and would love to help you to find yours.

So, if you feel you could do with a helping hand in order to spend more time on other things, please do get in contact and lets discuss how Oxonia Solutions can help you.